Welcome to! This site was developed to provide information on the medical use of cannabis including qualifying conditions by state, a med use community, and best of all, a space where you can create a MedUse Journal to track your treatment and confer with your healthcare provider.

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What is the MedUse Journal?

The MedUse Journal is the most comprehensive cannabis journaling website with the capability to assist in recording a patient’s day to day treatment program.

Comprehensive Journaling

Integrate your cannabis use with a reliable system.

It will empower patients with the ability to monitor and track their daily cannabis use which will help them work with their healthcare professional to make more informed decisions regarding their current care and future treatment.

The Med Journal is a database for patients to track their daily cannabis treatment regimen including inputs for product strain, method of intake, efficacy rate, THC/CBD ratios, benefits/ side effects and more.  The app will give patients an online option to organize and provide more accurate and detailed information to their doctors.

Get Started

Simple and Efficient

MedUse has a great, simple to use interface to provide users with easy navigation.

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2. Confirm

Accept the confirmation email.

3. Begin Journal

Log your cannabis use with the MedUse Journal.


Enjoy the many benifits from using our system.

A Community

Discover more about cannabis together.

MedUse Journal goals are to empower people to learn, share, and contribute to our knowledge about the use of medical Cannabis. We are a collaborative community of patients focused on finding new solutions through collective research, education, and cutting-edge technology. Unfortunately, in many cases, treatments in traditional healthcare lag behind cutting edge science, our mission is to help bridge the gap by using crowdsourcing techniques.