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Comprehensive cannabis information at your fingertips. Do you wish you could track your medical cannabis treatment but the thought of journaling feels overwhelming? Or are you simply tired of tracking your cannabis using online or paper journals? Or maybe you’re looking for a medical cannabis community to connect with and share ideas? Good news, you’ve come to the right place.

MedUse empowers you to get the most from your medical marijuana treatment. Our easy to use Journal features the perfect tool to capture your treatment details as well as the option to print and/or export your journal summaries to share with your healthcare provider.

MedUse also gives you access to an informed community eager to share their own experiences. Start your journey toward discovering your ideal medical cannabis treatment today!

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What is the MedUse Journal?

The MedUse Journal is the most comprehensive cannabis journaling website with the capability to assist in recording a patient’s day to day treatment program.

Own Your Health and Wellness

Comprehensive cannabis information at your fingertips. Integrate your cannabis day-to-day treatment plan with a reliable system.

If you’re like most people, your journey to wellness using medical marijuana may not be as straightforward as you would like. The cannabis market is ever-changing, offering new strains, advanced delivery methods, higher potency, greater efficacy and much more. The selections can be promising, but which one is best for you? It’s not easy to know which products offer the most benefits for your medical condition. People respond differently to cannabis based on different variables such as strain characteristic or method of intake. That's why it’s so important to not rely on rumors or clever marketing schemes but to have the ability to record and track what works best for you. Meduse Journal allows patients to track their daily cannabis treatment with just a few simple clicks. Clear and easy inputs for product strain, method of intake, efficacy rate, THC/CBD ratios, benefits, side effects, and more. Beyond managing the abundance of choices available on the market, medical marijuana patients also need to rely on clear documentation to help better manage their healthcare journey. The MedUse Journal makes monitoring and tracking both efficient and easy. Sign-up today for free!

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We are a collaborative community of patients focused on finding new solutions through crowdsourcing, research, education, and cutting-edge technology. MedUse offers a platform where patients can share their experiences in real-time. We give people a dedicated forum to learn, share, and contribute to the collective knowledge of medical cannabis. Too often, medical research can lag behind the real world knowledge that the community possesses. With MedUse, you can quickly learn from others through our open, collaborative community and, if desired, share your own health journey with other patients looking for similar solutions.

A new era of personalized, safe, effective health care is here.

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